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Dental Laboratory CAD-G *(Affordable Dentistry Germany) Dentist

Dental Laboratory Germany


A: Affordable dental implants and dental prosthetics

B: *CAD-G dental implants – Non-metal dental prosthetics made from zirconia

C: Affordable *CAD-G dentists – It is always worth it to compare prices

D: Extended Guarantees and Financing

E: A transparent invoice , even for National Insurance patients

F: Treatment for dental phobia – “Fear of the dentist”


HOTLINE: 0049 451 7907041


*CAD-G dentists also offer inexpensive and modern dental prosthetics throughout 34 cities in Germany

A price comparison is always worth it. “We help you save!” 

Inexpensive Dental Prosthetics – Luebeck or International

We are excited for your interest in our high-end and inexpensive dental prosthetics. These next pages will inform you about the solutions we have available. We offer the highest level of aesthetic dental prosthetics at the fairest prices possible. You can benefit from discounts up to 60 percent compared to the common German market price. We also offer inexpensive solutions on partial imports from dental laboratories in both Asia and Turkey. 

Inexpensive Top Quality Implants in Germany

Get a non-binding Quote from an *AgbZ dentist of your choice. Most of the time it is completely free!

Free price comparison for dental prosthetics and implants.

Treatment at *CAD-G ( ) dentists is possible, as well as regular Gwermandentists, or other dental clinics in Germany.


Inexpensive dental prosthetics and attractive monthly payments are available through Z- Easy, if you are living and working in Germany. Subsidy of the interest rate goes through the dental laboratory.

Up to a five year guarantee on newly modeled dental prosthetics and high-end dental implants. 

3-5 Year Guarantee on Dental Prosthetics

We work with international manufacturing laboratories on request.

Even at the dental laboratories outside of Germany, processing of the material is guided by German standards.

1. Inexpensive dental prosthetics made in Luebeck,

a. Implants, Mini-implants, 3D X-ray, Ceramic implants.

b. Cerec Inlays, Crowns, Dental Bridge, Zirconia – All Ceramic

c. Inexpensive dentures and telescopic dentures


Fast help for Toothaches, Bleeding of the Gums and Tooth problems.

Also refer to: Dentist emergency services in Luebeck or Hamburg

Dental Prosthetics that do not require a Co-Payment are often a scam

Dental prosthetics and Implants are getting more and more expensive. Offers like “Free dental prosthetics” or “Dental prosthetics with no Co-payment” are only for the plain National Health Insurance dentures without the extra benefits that come with private insurance.

Implants, Veneers on large molars, and dental gold are also not subsidized by the National Health Insurance. This means, if dentists offer dental prosthetics for free, i.e. “Without Co- Payment,” it will only be the standard solution. Additionally, this will only be available for patients with low income and with a completed Bonus Pamphlet.

Many laboratories offer Dental Prosthetics which are made from cheap materials in China or the Philippines. By using us, you are supported by German Master Dental technicians. Luebeck’s laboratory also provides extended guarantees for partial imported products from Singapore and Turkey.

Many health insurance providers send their patients to get a price comparison for dental prosthetics, dental implants, or to get a second opinion from a German *AgbZ Dentist.

Your dental prosthetics will be picked up from your *AgbZ Dentist via our courier driving service or TNT package service. Then after a short time your dental prosthetics will be delivered to your regional dental office where you will receive a certificate of guarantee. 

EDV (Electronic Data Processing) - Service for Doctors and Dentists

As a dentist you should consider comparing prices and services within data security, virus removal and data backup in and around Luebeck and Hamburg.

To save money on support and network administration, and to avoid being misled, ensure that you receive a quote and a price comparison. PC services and repairs are easily comparable. 

*AgbZ’s Info and News – Implant Patient Guide

Dentists and Dental laboratories inform and report about Dental Prosthetics and Implants in a patient guide.

Feel free to order the new Dental Implant Guide for Patients through us. The book “Implant Guide” provides tips, information and news.

Unfortunately there are many reasons for tooth aches and tooth loss. An Implant can close a gap, hold dentures, secure a bridge and even improve aesthetics. The fact of the matter is that dental implants improve the quality of life. Dental prosthetics are a thing of trust. 

Dental Lab Germany – Zahnzentrum Luebeck GmbH

Since its founding in 2001 Zahnzentrum Luebeck GmbH has earned multiple awards.

2003 Grunederpreis des Handwerks - (This is an award for establishing a successful business, with an exceptional business concept.) 

2005 Exportpreis des deutschen Handwerks – (This is an award for small businesses that have achieved an immense amount of hold on the global market.

2008 Marketing Award 2008. 


We are the referral laboratory for affordable implants for many manufacturers like Implant Direct and the fully comprehensive insured implant. We carry 17 Implant systems that are made by renowned manufacturers only. We provide the guarantee for partial import products from our international dental laboratories.

We offer modern technologies like I-Bridge by Biomain and Compartis ISUS by Degudent, which are tension free super structures cut from a single piece. Additionally, we offer ALL ON FOUR, ALL ON SIX, customizable dental prosthetics for each patient. If interested, we can provide metal free and masterly produced dental prosthetics.

We propagate translucency in the health service industry by providing easy to decipher billing statements. The focus is on our patients as the customer and consumer. The dentist is the partner for patients and dental laboratories. *AgbZ dentists are found in almost all of the major cities throughout Germany.

Whether a patient chooses free dental prosthetics, with their fixed subsidy and Bonus Pamphlet, (which is part of basic care) or a modern comfortable Implant, we want to have a satisfactory solution for every budget size. We are independent from the Industry and Dental Commerce. We have no contracts with dentists nor do we pay “bribe money”. Refer to: Implant Cost.

We view ourselves as the service provider for our patients. On over a 1000 pages you can find comprehensive information on dental prosthetics and Implants from the treatment plan to inserting of the implant. Inform yourself easily and extensively about all important questions regarding dental implants and dentistry. For further questions please contact us personally. (04517907041) E-Mail: info(at)

Mini – Implants for Fixed Denture Fitting

Implants give the patient the feeling of having teeth without having to worry about them getting loose, which gives the security that is expected from high quality dental prosthetics. Also refer to Mini implants by MDI. Affordable Implants for secure fitting dentures.

High quality and affordability is what the patient can expect for their individual solution. You can find *AgbZ partner offices not only in Luebeck, but in many other cities in Germany. There you can also find implants, orthodontic surgery and the most modern dental prosthetics. Whether you want One Day Implants like NobleGuide or Simplant for a quick luxury treatment, or a basic dental implant, inexpensive dental prosthetics are easily available through *AgbZ dentists.


We make Implants affordable – *AgbZ

When you are looking for a dentist in your area, the phone book or yellow pages will only provide you with an address. Most of the time friends and acquaintances are being asked for a recommendation; however, if you have just moved from Berlin to Hamburg or from Frankfurt to Stuttgart or Hannover this will not be very helpful.

Searching the internet for a dentist recommendation or a dental office rating will not always give you the best results. For this you can visit our website and read recommendations from other patients.

Through the main search you can find a friendly dentist, or even a dental office that treats your dental fear or phobia.

Many *AgbZ – Patients do not have to be worried about having to contribute a co- payment, with standard therapy, 30 percent Bonus and a double fixed subsidy, even for dental prosthetics. Due to the large amount of orders, collective purchasing and the option to have your dental prosthetics made either abroad or in Luebeck. You the patient will encounter immense savings and in some cases the dental prosthetic, if partial imports, will be free.

In many cases with a German health insurance provider, it is possible not to have a co- payment or own share of payment, it might even be free of charge.

Right after your dental visit, we will send your dentist a non-binding quote and compare it with the prices at other dental offices in your region. Because of the recommendations and reviews from other patients you can comfortably find a dentist with the best price – performance ratio. Until a few years ago it was said “German citizens do not change their hairdresser or their dentist”, this remains true for Hairdressers. 

Dental Implants – Your Hotline for Dental Prosthetics

We would like to inform you about modern implants. In select German cities *AgbZ partner offices offer ready to use implants by Nobel Guide (Noble Guide) or Simplant. The known technology “Teeth in an Hour” or “One Day Implants”, works with three dimensional X- Ray (3D Computer tomography CT scan).

In many cases it is possible to insert the implant without cutting, stitching, or bleeding, where before a bone augmentation, or even a sinus lift, was performed. A special drilling template, which is produced beforehand, allows the insertion of the dental prosthetic immediately following the implantation. (Ready to use Implants) 

This is an impressive achievement in modern Dental Medicine in Germany

Save on Dental Prosthetics with a Price Comparison

In Germany, patients covered with National Health Insurance can often reduce their cost for dental prosthetics more than 60% (patient’s own share of payment). Once the total price is calculated, immense savings for dental prosthetics are revealed. This comparison of cost from our pricelist, different materials, and dentists (Orthodontic surgeons) is a benefit for all patients; whether privately insured patients or National Health insured patients. You certainly need to use this free opportunity to get a cost comparison before your planned dental treatment, instead of getting a price comparison from the criticized real auction.

The high cost of dental prosthetics and implants and the prices of the materials, like dental gold, might be a lot less at the dental office around the corner or in the next city.

Patients can write reviews about their dentists after their treatment on www.die- This will allow other patients to find a dentist they can trust, and with the best prices in the region, without having to compare apples with oranges. 

Supplementary Insurance for Dental Prosthetics

Please inform yourself about the huge difference between dental supplementary insurance or supplementary insurance for dental prosthetics and implants.

Some supplementary insurance providers only reimburse up to the amount that National Health Insurance providers will pay. Inlays, dental implants, all- ceramics and all of the other private benefits are still not available.

Tooth-preserving supplementary insurance, in which you receive immediate and unlimited professional teeth cleanings, (professional dental cleaning, PZR) are very rare. (CONFIMA, a supplementary dental insurance provider)

Watch out for long waiting times on dental prosthetics or even preliminary services through National Health Insurance providers. 

Material Consultation for Dental Prosthetics – Implants

It is really important to be cautious with implant advertisements.

Unfortunately, vague Advertisement Laws for Dentists have led to false information in newspapers, radio and on the internet. When offered free implants or no co-payment dental prosthetics, it is important to get a second dentist opinion.

In many cases, regarding expensive implants, unqualified and questionable promises are made to lure the patient to a dental office.

Implant treatments are high-end and primarily cost intensive. The treatment, which is planned over a long period of time, should be executed by a dentist or orthodontic surgeon (MKG Chirurgic, mouth, jaw and face surgery) with many years of experience. This is how protection of the implant care is ensured, for both the implantologist as well as for the patient. Here is some information on dental implants. 

Dental Implants – Manufacturers and Systems

Implants with a Guarantee! No one in the world can guarantee the success of your treatment! The patient is often confused with the term guarantee. Agreements can be made between a dentist and his patient to replace an implant, which did not heal, at zero cost. Ask for an extended warranty (Dental laboratory – Dentistry). Two years are required by law!!! We offer a 5 year guarantee on dental prosthetics.

For the first time, with a fully comprehensive insurance implant, it is possible to get a 10 year guarantee through an insurance provider. Definitely, get a guarantee certificate or an affirmation of guarantee; if it is offered for over 2 years.

Implants are not better teeth! Also refer to Implant Direct as an affordable implant.

Even a top implant from a manufacturer like Nobel Biocare or Straumann is not better than a healthy, natural tooth. The ambition of great dentists should be to maintain lifelong natural teeth. That is what nature intended. 

Metal free Solutions and 3D Planning

Dentures in one hour. Immediate dental prosthetic insertion on an implant is not always possible. It is an exception that is available due to modern technology.

The risk: There is a higher risk for implantation failure when a dental prosthetic is immediately supplied. The Future is reality, with technologies by NobelGuide, Nobel Smile and Simplant; but unfortunately not always achievable. Ad campaigns by some implant manufacturers promote an immediate loading concept, which does not clinically and scientifically show long-term experience, and is still a controversy between professors. You should ask yourself if you are willing to take a risk for your new teeth. Everything is possible, but not always sensible. Healing takes time and, unfortunately, it takes your money too.

We gladly provide information regarding the most modern dental technologies, implant care, and ceramic implants (metal free).

We currently have dentists (*AgbZ partners) in over 36 German cities. We are delighted to assist you via telephone.

Feel free to visit to inform yourself about price comparisons regarding dental prosthetics, as well as our affordable prices for implants and the services provided by *AgbZ dentists. You will find more information on our web pages.

Temporomandibular (Jaw) joint problems, tinnitus or muscle tensions are often a result of the wrong bite position, which can be explored with a computer diagnosis (DIR-System) and can be fixed with a special bite splint. 

Implants – Prices – Cost – Price Comparison

There are many varieties of implant solutions and many different implant systems, technologies and materials. National Health Insurance patients can assume that an implantation without a bone augmentation or a sinus lift could be available to them for 1.600. - EUR including dentist fees, surgery (implantation), materials, implant and taxes.

If you choose affordable dental prosthetics and cheap implant parts, it is possible to receive the implantation for less than 1.000. – EUR, of your own payment share.

Dental visits in Poland, Czech Republic or Hungary are not worth it because of the multitude of preliminary and post treatments, as well as long production times for the dental prosthetics and implants. Hotel and travel cost are also major factors. The big question is: “Who pays for the cost if something breaks or just stops working”?

“Where will the court hearing be in case of a law suit, and how do you find out what material has been used when the German medical law cannot be applied?”

Dental prosthetics from third world countries like China or the Philippines (where careers as a dental technician with a 3,5 half year training and a masters title in the German trade, do not exist) are looked upon with skepticism.

The fact of the matter is that a 5 year guarantee does not mean that the dental laboratory or the dental practitioner is still available in 5 years.

What did our grandparents always say?

“You should not put anything in your mouth, if you don’t know where it came from.......!” 

Cost Comparison at the Dentist

How long is the guarantee? Do you get a guarantee certificate?

Do you receive a Declaration of Conformity following the German MPG (Medical Product Law)?

Are there extra costs for bite registration/ X-Rays/CT?

In many cases high prices are being charged for treatment planning like WAX–UP (application of wax on a model of the patients’ teeth). In this case a price comparison is also worth it.

Never ask a carpet salesman how good his carpet is. It is always worth it to get references from other patients, or even talk to the dental laboratory to get informed.

Did you receive affordable treatment options?

Did someone explain to you that there are options for more affordable dental prosthetics from abroad, in which you can save up to 60 %?

Is there more than 10 years’ worth of clinical studies available for the Used Implant System?

How high is the billing factor for GOZ (scale of fees for dentists) on dental services and the private price list? 2.3 – times the rate is normal for basic treatment. 

Was Individual Health Service (Igel) for your dental services used; like “hard to reach”, “strong saliva flow” or “narrowed operational field”?

Did your dentist take the time to explain the “Recovery and Cost Plan”, as well as the price quote to you?

Is the team at the dental office friendly and courteous?
Have you seen the price quote from the dental laboratory or was the total just estimated?

Do you have a Recovery and Cost Plan

Second Dentist Opinion

Dentists are probably part of the most unwanted career group in the world. With every dental treatment, the uncertainty and the thought of tooth aches are put first. Unfortunately, the financial aspect is put first as well. Dental prosthetics can easily cost several thousand Euros.

It is definitely worth getting a second dentist’s opinion, or a cost comparison between dentist A and dentist B. Choosing dental prosthetics from abroad, can make savings of up to 60% possible.

The internet offers many possibilities for your own research, which you can use to inform your dentist if they are current with the competitive market trends. Once you have enough practice you will quickly realize the advantages of cost comparison. Most of the time, it is worth comparing services, treatment spectrums, friendliness, prices and waiting times, with a second dental office. We will gladly support you with this.

High-end dental prosthetics are a thing of trust. It is not always about the price. Please inform yourself about the materials used and the duration of the guarantee. The location of manufacturing (Local/International) and proof of contents are required by law. Whether it is a simple crown or bridge, or a full denture or dental implant, there are many different technologies and just as many different forms of supplies, ranging from a metal crown without porcelain fused to metal, to an all ceramic- or zirconium crown.

There are more than 300 manufacturers that provide high quality implants (refer to implant systems) from Nobel – Biocare and 3i Osseotite, to Straumann, Camlog and Astra, to more affordable providers like Implant Direct, or Southern Implants. You can even find systems with a 10 year guarantee like the Comprehensive Insurance Covered Implant or Impla 3D from Schuetz Dental that have firmly established themselves in the market. Even metal free ceramic implants like Z-Lock by Z- Systems or WhiteSky by Bredent have found their place in the market, as well. 

Online Price Comparison Dental Prosthetics and Dentist Search

Advantages and disadvantages should be carefully compared. For a Bridge, it is necessary to grind down the natural tooth substance from your teeth, while implants fill in the gaps without damaging neighboring teeth. But even an implant can hold medical risks (for example when bone loss has occurred) and can only be treated with a Bone Augmentation or a Sinus lift. The risk of an implantation is noticeably higher in smokers than in non- smokers.

Dentures, with telescopic crowns, can be produced on your own teeth or implants. This double crown technique eliminates the need to cover the palate in plastic. Dental prosthetics like this are definitely more graceful and considerably more comfortable. However, this technology comes at a high price.


Politics call for more transparency and competition in the health service industry. We offer a direct price comparison for dental prosthetics and implants from the “Labor Association for Affordable Dental Prosthetics”, (*AgbZ). The first step in obtaining a detailed price quote is to visit an *AgbZ dentist. Dentists have to perform X-Rays and preliminary examinations to determine which potential savings are available. Our prices are comparably low and our price lists for dental prosthetics, from Germany and from abroad, are transparent and understandable. 

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